WolfStrike Distributors Limited

WolfStrike Distributors Limited is a new company from New Zealand that required stationery for their new corporate identity which was created by Blue Wolf.

MJ Catering Services

MJ Catering Services wanted us to create new business cards, letterhead and envelopes to carry their new logo and to promote their new corporate image.

Central Inspection Services

Central Inspection Services utilized or services to design a logo for their new home inspection business and also required a stationery package designed to incorporate their identity.

Grey Munday Wowk

Grey Munday Wowk's law firm in Alberta had a change in partners and we were again requested to design a new logo and stationery package to reflect their change.

Cara Transition House

Cara Transition House required our services to design a complete new identity for their organization, which included a logo, brochure, poster, website and this stationery package.

Cain’s Quest

Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race need us to design a complete set of marketing tools which aslo included this stationery package as part of their new branding strategy.

O’Brien Consulting

O’Brien Consulting engaged in our services to design and develop their new logo, website, presentation folders and this stationery package as part of their corporate identity.

Labrador West Chamber of Commerce

Labrador West Chamber of Commerce used our services to design their logo, website, presentation folders, posters, post cards and this stationery package.

Infernotions Technologies Ltd.

Infernotions Technologies Ltd. utilized our services to design their new logo, website and stationery to complete their new identity to better market their services.

Valley African Nova Scotia Development Association (VANSDA)

VANSDA used our services to completely redesign their corporate identity, including their website and this stationery design was part of their Identity Package.

Grey Munday Wowk LLP

Grey Munday Wowk required new stationery designed to incorporate their new logo, which was also designed by us as part of a new Corporate Identity Package.

Got Base

Got Base had their logo designed by us and they later required stationery to help build their brand for internet applications and web development services.