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Pre-designed Logos For Sale

What You Get

  • Unique professional logos
  • Original creative designs
  • A logo that is only sold once
  • Changes to the company name, font and colour scheme
  • Full ownership and exclusive rights
  • High quality Vector, PNG, and JPEG file formats
  • A choice in some cases of two layout options
  • Both layout options for an extra $100 fee

Outdoor Adventures Logo Design


This logo design can be used for a wilderness business, outdoor gear and equipment stores, outdoor clothing brand, Eco tours, hiking tours, boating tours, adventure travel, wilderness expeditions and nature based retreats in the tourism industry.


Logo Option #1 ID: 28151
Logo Option #2 ID: 28166

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Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Logo Design


This logo design can be used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installations, repairs, and maintenance companies, HVAC sales and plumbing services in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Logo Option #1 ID: 28163
Logo Option #2 ID: 28162

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Organic Wellness Centre Logo Design


This logo design can be used for aromatherapy companies, health and wellness centres, spas, massage therapy practices, holistic health clinics, beauty and skincare brands, cosmetic companies, natural and organic stores and holistic healing practitioners.


Logo Option #1 ID: 28160
Logo Option #2 ID: 28159

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Atlantic Services Logo Design

This logo design can be used for maritime and nautical companies, shipping, cruise lines, marine services, marine industrial product manufacturing, waterfront businesses and offshore services companies.

Logo Option #1 ID: 28165
Logo Option #2 ID: 28164
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Electrical Tech Logo Design

This logo design can be used for electricians and electrical contractors, electrical supply stores, electrical engineering firms, electronic tech companies, electronic supply stores, electronic engineering firms, electronic supply stores, and renewable energy companies.

Logo Option #1 ID: 28157
Logo Option #2 ID: 28156
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Unique logo designs that are clean, memorable,
versatile and get attention

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